Swimming Pool Annual Services

Glistening Water Pool Service provides homeowners in Carroll County, Howard County, and Baltimore County, the best in swimming pool management and maintenance services.  When the winter season ends and spring is in full swing, you can count on Glistening Water Pool Service to get everything cleaned and ready for you to jump on in!

Annual Services 

Pool Opening Services, starting at $375.00

Glistening Water Pool Service will take the time to make sure your pool starts the season in the best possible condition.  Pool opening services include: 

  • Removing the pool cover, folding it, and placing it in the designated storage location.
  • Re-installing all appropriate fittings, check valves, and equipment plugs.
  • We will inspect the filter system and make sure that it operates correctly. 
  • Pool will be vacuumed with a separate system to limit the initial strain on the filter. 
  • Water chemistry will be analyzed and balanced accordingly.  

Pool Closing Services, starting at $400.00

Our client’s winter season preparation is of utmost importance to us.  Since 2007, GW Pool Services has been providing top-notch pool winterization.  Pool closing services include:

  •  Lowering the pool water to a level appropriate for the cover 
  • Blowing the lines to empty them of water, and plugging the lines to prevent water from reentering. 
  • Any lines supplying water features will be protected with non-toxic winter antifreeze.
  • GW Pool Services will install the winter plugs and accessories needed, and add a winter kit with algaecide, and slow release chlorine dispenser.
  •  We then pull and clean the filter elements when necessary, and install the cover.

Why Hire GWPS?

We listen to your needs.  We evaluate your goals.  We guarantee our services.


At Glistening Water Pool Services, we provide swimming pool services to keep your pool in tip-top shape throughout the year.  Our team offers homeowners in Howard County, Carroll County, and Baltimore County the best in swimming pool maintenance, repair, cleanliness, and water health.  Are you ready to get your pool ready to be enjoyed by your family and friends?