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Providing clean pools and friendly service since 2007.

Why is my pool green? How hard can it be to open or close my pool myself? What is the best equipment to buy? Glistening Water Pool Service has the answers. From swimming pool services and repairs, to equipment sales and service. We can do it all. For a free consultation please call 443.974.6838 or fill out our customer contact form.

Glistening Water Pool Service provides service for above and in ground swimming pools. We provide opening and closing services and seasonal service contracts. We sell, install, and repair most types of equipment. We also sell and install winter safety covers and vinyl liners.

$25 off your opening if you prepay & schedule by March 1st

Pool opening services include removing the pool cover, folding it, and placing IT in the designated storage location. We install all winter drain plugs and pool fittings. We test the filter system and make sure that it operates correctly. We vacuum the pool with a separate pump to limit the strain on the filter. We test the pool chemistry and balance by using either our chemicals or yours.

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$25 off your closing if you prepay & schedule by September 1st

Pool closing services include lowering the pool water to a level appropriate for the cover, blowing the lines to empty them of water, and plugging the lines to prevent water from reentering. We pull and clean the filter elements when necessary, remove all winter drain plugs, and install the cover.

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"Mike and his staff have provided reliable service from opening and closing my in ground pool to replacing the liner. Mike worked with me to resolve preexisting issues so I could extend the "life" of my pool for several more years."
"Mike is always responsive and reliable. He communicates with you directly and always follows through with what he says. By far the most dependable and reliable pool service we have had."
"Over the course of an entire summer, the pool has never looked or functioned better."
"From the first appointment for an estimate, to the installation of my liner, to the check of the liner after my water fill-up, to the clean-up of materials, I was wholly pleased with Mike's service. He kept me informed of the schedule, and he was on time for both the estimate and the install. A worry-free and professional experience!"